Message from the Founder | Why I Created BuySide Broker

David Giangrasso - FounderAs a real estate lawyer, I noticed that buyers for many of my real estate closings were either not represented by a buyer’s broker at all or the buyers hired a real estate broker after they had already found the house they wanted to purchase. Buyers are starting the house buying process by searching online not by calling a buyer’s broker to help them find the right to house to purchase. Technology is helping buyers find their new homes quickly and easily without the time consuming process of driving around town with a buyer’s broker who may not be focused on the buyer’s best interests.

Due to the fact that buyers were not familiar with the process, deadlines and nuances of a real estate transaction, they would find a house online, at open houses or through appointments and then either work without a broker and let the seller’s broker address the transaction (and keep the entire commission) or buyers would hire a broker so the they would have professional help drafting the necessary documents and negotiating the transaction.  Essentially, finding a house had become much easier, but the purchasing process and the commissions remained the same.

I created the BuySide Broker to save money for buyers of residential real estate.   We perform the same services of any residential real estate broker, except that we don’t waste your time driving you to houses you can see online and visit on your own time whenever you would like.  Because technology has made the entire process more efficient, we offer a rebate on the commission we would otherwise be paid in the amount of 1% of the purchase price of the house.

Not only do we literally put a lot of money in your pocket, but there are several other good reasons to work with the BuySide.  By focusing on buyers, we eliminate the possibility of conflict.  In contrast to other brokers who may represent both the buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction.  There is no pressure from us to buy, which you might feel after a traditional broker spends a lot of time driving you around the same neighborhood you already know and showing you the same houses you have already found on your phone.  We are also experts in our field and have been working on real estate transactions for almost 15 years.   The BuySide Broker is available to answer your questions, submit your offer and guide you through the entire buying process.  Finally, we make it easy.  The calculation of the rebate is easy, submitting the offer is easy, and getting money back at closing makes buying, moving to and furnishing your dream house much easier.

Give us a call at 617-319-8665 or click here to find out how we can make buying a house easier and less expensive all at the same time!

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