BuySide Broker LLC (“BuySide Broker”) will only pay 1% to the home buyer if the property is listed on MLS and the co-broke payable by the Seller’s broker to Buyer’s broker is 2.5% or greater (the “Qualifying Co-Broke”). For transactions less than $250,000, no amount will be paid to the Buyer. All obligations to make payment are expressly conditioned upon the closing of the sale and BuySide Broker being paid the Qualifying Co-Broke. All promises and agreements regarding payment and representation by BuySide Broker are expressly subject to any written agreement (if any) to be executed by and between BuySide Broker and the home buyer before BuySide Broker’s representation commences. BuySide Broker is not obligated to represent any home buyer. The 1% payment is a rebate of the commission otherwise due to BuySide Broker as buyer’s broker. This website does not constitute legal, real estate or tax advice. All home buyers should retain a competent real estate attorney to represent their interests. All home buyers should seek the advice of a knowledgeable tax advisor to determine the tax effect of any payment or rebate made by BuySide Broker to the home buyer. BuySide Broker does not provide legal or tax advice. BuySide Broker does not endorse any website or business, which may be linked to this website, and neither this website nor BuySide Broker serves as a referral to any such website or business.



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